the underachievers

the underachievers

it blows my mind how much organic waste is produced on our farm. perfectly good, environmentally responsibly grown produce that just doesn't make the cut. some gets tossed into the compost bin and the rest goes into vegetable purgatory. the bin of underachievers, not good enough to sell and not bad enough to compost.
the unusually harsh freeze left many of the baby beets with dead leaves. i am never as happy as when i get a bin full of beets. they really made my day. pickled beets are a wonderful addition to a halved avocado bowl.

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quick picked beets

-wash beets

-cover beets with water in a pot and boil for about 30 minutes

-drain, toss in bowl with cool water and rub the skin off the beets

-pack beets tightly in a glass jar

-boil 1 part apple cider vinegar (acv) , 1 part water and add some seasoning...
in this batch i used a quart jar and
-1c acv
-1c water
-1 tbs corriander
-1 tsp whole black pepper
-1 tbs honey
-1 splash of bourbon ( any bourbon will do, but a wise man once said to cook with booze you would drink because you will drink half of it while you're cooking. )

-pour liquid over beets, put on the lid and let sit out overnight.

-stick them in the fridge and enjoy. they will be good for a few weeks, but they will never last that long.