so, here is the deal with this one point in time, i had delusions of grandeur and though i would just post all of my awesome recipes, take all the photographs to help guide y'all, and it would just be the best thing ever. a'int nobody got time for that. since this is an important life skill for the dedicated seasonal eater, especially the farm box customers that are getting a ton (ok a few pounds) of squash in their csa delivery today, i felt like the least i could do was take some photos of my own summer squash haul this morning and show you how to blanch your beauties and freeze them. 

1. slice your squash in 1/2 inch slices...this isn't rocket science. just make everything about the same size. no worries

2. add the sliced squash to boiling water and set your timer for 3-4 minutes. 

3. drain and cool in a bowl of ice water as quickly as possible.

congratulations, you have blanched. 

4. drain, package (i use freezer bags), seal, label, and freeze. 


one pint of hot peppers

(hot cherry bell, green & red jalapeños)

1 onion

2 gloves of garlic

salt to taste

1/2 cup white vinegar

1/4 - 1/2 cup water (find the right constancy for you)

saute chopped peppers, garlic, onions and salt for about 20 minutes. once cooked, remove from heat and let cool to room temperature. put mixture in food processor and add water. puree while adding the vinegar. sauce will keep for about 6 months in the refrigerator.

lentil cakes

lentil cakes

1 large onion
1 tbs coconut oil
1 tsp salt
2 heavy tbs curry
1 tbs ginger
1 tsp basil
1 tbs cumin
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
tbs honey
8 c water and bring to a boil
1 lb of dry lentils
6 cups oats

in a large pot (i use a 5 1/2 quart enamel cast iron french oven) sauté the onions in the oil. then, add all of the spices and honey. i usually add about a half cup of water to make a paste consistency. cook that down for a few minutes. add the rest of the water, bring to a boil and add the lentils. cover and simmer for about an hour and a half or until soft to the bite. at this point i usually take a cup or so out and eat it for a snack, like soup. stir in the oats and let the mixture cool down until you can comfortably handle it. this can be made the day before. shape the mixture into patties, as you would a burger, width is up to you but about an inch thick, and cook over medium heat with a lightly oiled pan to brown both sides. you can also ‘cook’ them in the oven. lentil cakes are vegan so there is no temperature that needs to be met, it is all about how crispy you like the outside to be.
this is my most sought after recipe and also just a base recipe, in all honesty. i have never made it the same way twice. i add whatever veggies we have that need to be eaten at the same time as the onions. i switch up the spices, oils and sometimes i eat half of the lentils as soup before i add any oats at all! these are great with greek yogurt. add a little hot chili sauce or dill. if you are going to the same party as us, tonight there will be a garlic lentil cake with lemon avocado puree for the topper.



kale is all the rage these days, and for good reason. it is really good for you, really.

kale is rich in viatamins a & c and calcium. 

the photos below demonstrate how to devein kale. i rarely do this but if you have a more mature kale with a fiberous stem and are making something like slaw (<--you can easily substitute kale for the bok choy in the linked slaw recipe) or salad then this may be the best way to go about preparing the kale.

photo 4.jpg

     sautéed kale, onions & currants 


  • 1/2 c onion
  • 2 cups kale leaves ( it is not necessary to devein kale for this recipe just cut the stems off at the base of the leaves )
  • 1 tbsp raisins ( once again, cranberries, dates or whatever you have would work )
  •  1 tsp olive oil
  • half of a lemon ( any citrus you have around would be tasty )
  • 1 tsp balsamic vinegar

heat your pan over medium heat, add olive oil and then onions. cook onions until soft or about 5 minutes and then add the kale. cook for another 2-3 minutes and add the balsamic vinegar, a sqeeze of the lemon and give it another minute over heat. place on dish and top with a little zest from the lemon. enjoy.

( this is a single portion so just multiply as needed )


    kohlrabi, rice noodles & sesame steak


    no matter what you plan to do with your kohlrabi, in order to prepare it, you first cut off the leaves and peel off the skin. you can do this with a knife or vegetable peeler. the flesh is the consistency of a crisp apple. i really love the taste of raw kohlrabi and you can slice it and eat it raw at this point, plain or with a sprinkle of salt, or cook with it. for this recipe i saved the leaves and chopped them to add to lunch.

    this is what prepped kohlrabi should look leaves or skin.

    this is what prepped kohlrabi should look leaves or skin.

    rice noodles with kohlrabi & carrots   (mix it all together)

    • 2 kohlrabi bulbs cut in half and sliced
    • about 3 oz rice noodles (let sit in very hot water, covered, for about 7 minutes. rinse with cold water.)
    • 1/4 c sweet chili sauce
    • 1/8 c rice vinegar
    • 2 shaved carrots(use your vegetable peeler to cut the carrots into long strips)
    • a few onion slices
    • hot chili sauce (optional as a topping)

    as much as i love this recipe alone, it is really awesome when paired with sesame steak. i actually got the basic idea for this recipe from a recipe card at publix and i have used this recipe with steak and chicken and both were fabulous so feel free to switch it up.

    sesame steak

    • 1 tsp garlic, grated
    • 1 tsp fresh ginger, grated
    • 1/4 c sugar
    • 1/2 soy sauce or soy alternative
    • 1/3 c sesame oil
    • 3 tbsp sesame seeds
    • 1 tsp crushed red pepper
    • 2 lbs steak (or chicken)

    mix all the ingredients together and add the meat to marinate. you can do this 10 minutes before you cook or set it up the night before and let it sit in the fridge overnight. when you're ready to cook the meat, put the marinade in a saucepan and reduce on medium-low heat while the rest of the meal is cooking. use the marinade to drizzle over the meat when it is on your plate.



    joe's basic french bread

    crusty french bread

    crusty french bread is a staple in our home. my favorite recipe is a slight variation of joe's basic french bread from my current favorite cook book, canning for a new generation by liana krissoff. she also has a wonderful food blog, pie and beer. i am beyond excited to use some of her recipes to pickle cucumbers and tomatoes this summer, which is right around the corner!

    back to the bread...i use my mixer and substitute sugar for raw honey and use whatever flour i have around. this dough is so versatile...i use this recipe to make smaller boules, flatbread, and pizza dough.

    joe’s basic french bread
    makes 2 loaves

    julia child’s instructions for folding, patting, and rolling to shape the dough in mastering the art of french cooking, volume 2, are worth taking a look at, but if you don’t have that book (yet), just pat the dough into a rectangle, then roll it up tightly and pinch the ends of the roll, and the seam along the length of it. let rise seam side down.

    • 1 1/2 cups warm (not hot) water
    • 1 scant tablespoon instant or active dry yeast
    • pinch of sugar
    • 3 to 4 cups unbleached bread flour
    • 1 tablespoon pure kosher salt

    put the water in a large bowl and sprinkle in the yeast and sugar. let sit until it bubbles a bit, about 5 minutes. add 1 cup of the flour and the salt and beat with a wooden spoon for a minute or so. add 2 to 3 cups more flour, to make a somewhat stiff dough; knead for 5 to 10 minutes, until no longer sticky. lightly oil the bowl and return the dough to the bowl. cover and set aside to rise in a warm spot until doubled in volume, about 2 hours. (if you have time, punch down the dough, cover, and let rise again until doubled in volume, about 2 hours.)

    cut the dough in half and roll each half into a loaf shape. transfer to a baking sheet or perforated french bread pans and let rise for 45 minutes to 1 hour, until puffed up and tight looking. cut 3 deep diagonal slits in each loaf and let rest for 5 minutes. put on the middle rack of a cold oven and set the oven temperature to 400 F. toss 4 or 5 ice cubes onto the floor of the oven (or into a foil pan set on the oven floor.) *this is the key to that crusty french bread and i will be eternally grateful to liana krissoff for sharing this* bake for about 30 minutes, until golden brown; the bread should sound hollow when you tap the bottom of a loaf with your finger. let the bread cool on a rack for 20 minutes before slicing into it.

    the best ones

    the best ones

    i absolutely love vegetable chips. love. i was snacking on some broccoli chips when my 2 year old, baker, walked up to me looking curious and possibly hungry. so, i asked her if she wanted one.

    she said, "baker wants a one."

    from then on all veggie chips have been called 'ones.' broccoli ones are our favorite.

    broccoli ones

    preheat oven to 400ºF
    toss broccoli in olive oil, a little salt, and nutritional yeast *optional but so very tasty*
    spread out on a baking sheet and pop in the oven
    turn the heat down to 300ºF and let the broccoli dehydrate for about an hour or until you get the desired crispiness

    the underachievers

    the underachievers

    it blows my mind how much organic waste is produced on our farm. perfectly good, environmentally responsibly grown produce that just doesn't make the cut. some gets tossed into the compost bin and the rest goes into vegetable purgatory. the bin of underachievers, not good enough to sell and not bad enough to compost.
    the unusually harsh freeze left many of the baby beets with dead leaves. i am never as happy as when i get a bin full of beets. they really made my day. pickled beets are a wonderful addition to a halved avocado bowl.

    photo 5-1.JPG

    quick picked beets

    -wash beets

    -cover beets with water in a pot and boil for about 30 minutes

    -drain, toss in bowl with cool water and rub the skin off the beets

    -pack beets tightly in a glass jar

    -boil 1 part apple cider vinegar (acv) , 1 part water and add some seasoning...
    in this batch i used a quart jar and
    -1c acv
    -1c water
    -1 tbs corriander
    -1 tsp whole black pepper
    -1 tbs honey
    -1 splash of bourbon ( any bourbon will do, but a wise man once said to cook with booze you would drink because you will drink half of it while you're cooking. )

    -pour liquid over beets, put on the lid and let sit out overnight.

    -stick them in the fridge and enjoy. they will be good for a few weeks, but they will never last that long.

    bok choy cole slaw

    we love to mix it up when making bok choy cole slaw by adding different ingredients like mango with steak or pomegranate arils with grilled chicken. we also love this slaw on fish tacos. use what veggies you have to make this dish your own.


    bok choy cole slaw

    -shredded bok choy & tatsoi
    -1/4 c cashews or peanuts
    -cilantro, finely chopped
    -3 tbs fresh grated ginger
    -the juice of 2 limes
    -3 tbs  rice vinegar
    -1 tsp soy sauce
    -fish sauce (optional)

    -julienne the stems and leaves of one bunch of bok choy and one bunch of tatsoi. to make the dressing, combine the rest of the ingredients (if you have some fish sauce, add a few drops to taste.) dress the greens and let sit for at least 5 minutes before enjoying.