*we deliver to savannah and surrounding areas. please send your exact address to see if you are in range*

farm boxes are a delivery of seasonal, fresh, local produce. a subscription for a regular delivery of produce is also known as community supported agriculture. the customer is buying stake in the farm and saying, "i support local farm fresh food and the people that grow it."

the back forty farm boxes are filled with seasonal vegetables. it is the nature of a farm box subscription that some deliveries will be different than others because each box is filled with what is available and plentiful at that time. weight will also vary significantly because, for example, a watermelon weighs much more than an eggplant. we give you what we would expect to get ourselves.  so, it's about the big picture and every box is a reflection of that harvest. we are in this together and the promise or subscription to buy a box of whatever we can give is what builds strong community and encourages growth of local, sustainable farming.

$25 per box

we offer subscriptions with weekly or bi-weekly delivery of seasonal produce.

all of the produce is washed and ready to eat.

(we always recommend washing any produce at home before eating...just in case we missed a spot)

delivery is wednesday unless it falls on a holiday.

cancel anytime.

money back guarantee.

contact us here for more information or to sign up...

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